EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition 2016: the world in their sights

In synergy with the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the biennial EuroCucina and International Bathroom Exhibition will be back in their 21st and 6th editions respectively, from 12th to 17th  April 2016.

The exhibitions are global benchmarks in their own right for the very best in kitchens and bathrooms, and are matchless tools for companies operating within the sector wishing to develop their business internationally (visitors from 170 different countries attended the previous edition).

The traditional remit of the Salone del Mobile.Milano – approximately 70% of the professional operators involved come from abroad – is to provide a unique opportunity for all the business and design providers keen to respond to the escalating demand for quality bathroom furnishing and kitchens. As the latest global export figures show, demand for kitchens rose 7% in 2014, while demand for bathroom furniture rose 35%. This has gone hand in hand with an increasing thirst for innovative and design products, which have traditionally been fundamental to both exhibitions. These characteristics have always been attributed to Italian manufacturing in particular, which forms the core of the two biennials, along with several major international players now finding fertile ground in growing markets in which great residential and hospitality contracts are currently being developed and planned, such as the United States, the UK, China and parts of the Middle East.

EuroCucina, along with its collateral exhibition FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), is recognised as a unique platform for cutting edge technology and design.

Perfect style and practicality are the two ingredients that mark out the 2016 edition. The renaissance of a convivial space ideally suited bringing family and friends together, welcoming guests and reviving companionability in its purest form calls for great personalisation, incorporating a wealth of finishes and materials to create a kitchen that reflects the widest possible range of tastes and lifestyles and thus become increasingly elegant and functional.

The choice of materials is particularly exacting – from the warmest species of wood to the most innovative materials, such as carbon fibre, cement resin, Fenix (a material created using nanotechnology), or a combination thereof – solid wood paired with steel and melamine with etched glass. These are sophisticated, special finishes, scratch and fingerprint resistant, resilient and easy to clean, elegant, left natural or embellished with decorative effects.

Another theme at the heart of EuroCucina 2016 will be the uniting of living and kitchen areas: clean lines and stylish details combine for a more sophisticated space that is steadily becoming integrated with elegant living  rooms.

The International Bathroom Furniture Exhibition is back, marking ten years since its first edition. Expectations from the design community for this rapidly growing event, now firmly established in its own right as part of the Salone train, are extremely high.

Bathrooms are primarily areas dedicated to wellness, the pursuit of which has seen utilitarian spaces completely transformed into spaces for personal care. Wellness and design are increasingly combined with energy saving: there has been strong and widespread demand for green products even in the bathroom sector, which is developing new solutions and products geared to maximum optimisation of water and electricity consumption.

The innovative thrust of this sector is increasingly matched by technological evolution, leading to more sustainable solutions as well as high-tech audio and video concepts

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