EUROMOBIL CUCINE - kitchen design matched with creativity

Euromobil Cucine is the Group brand dedicated to the production of modern creative kitchen furniture featuring design, planning ability and highly customizable solutions that meet the needs of all kinds of customers: excellence that ensures a good long-term investment.

Euromobil’s philosophy is that the ideal kitchen should not only be attractive, but also exploit space well according to how we move and work in the kitchen.

Kitchens planned for an international clientele are distinguished by a wealth of innovations in aesthetics, a wide range of layout possibilities and amazing textured finishes: rooms with refined taste that are consistent with the Living and Cooking concept, a design language created by Euromobil to interpret modern living quarters that involve both the kitchen and living room, cooking and eating.

All Euromobil products are designed and built to strict safety standards and observe current regulations regarding ergonomics in order to satisfy the end user. To check product quality, Euromobil periodically sends a selection of its furniture items to the most important Italian certification bodies to certify observance of European UNI EN 14749 standards specifically relating to kitchen furniture.  Euromobil kitchen furniture is distinguished by extremely easy assembly, with full clear instructions in the manual provided with each composition.

By providing many opportunities for customization and choice of materials and finishes – wood, glass and steel, lacquered, eco-lacquered, thermo structured and polymer - Euromobil Cucine makes it possible to achieve the right affordable project for all needs, passions and lifestyles.

Advanced technologies in every detail

Euromobil works with supplier partners who are market leaders. Some of the important top product features: concealed hardware 
with a capacity of 100 kg, “Premium” rope colored drawers and deep drawers, and graphite colored "Cube" with full extension, in techno flint or cord with extra strong runners. Hinges with an incorporated soft closing system, certified by LGA, a German certifying body, and robust back panels.

100% Made in Italy

Euromobil produces only in Italy. Their R & D Centre works with architects and designers who provide exclusive projects for us. The production process is carried out entirely in-house, from semi-finished parts to the finished product and top quality is guaranteed by skilled workers.


For many years Euromobil cucine has been designing and producing in the sure knowledge of a need to aim at protecting our homes on this planet. 
Over the years it has acknowledged the importance of sustainable design across the board for the company’s products and production systems. 

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