Fabula - Oriental fairy tale

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Fabula is synonymous with the balance between traditional and contemporary as well as classic and modern styles.

In this balance, Italian architect, Ulisse Narcisi, successfully designed an Oriental-inspired kitchen. To satisfy different market demands, Rastelli designed a kitchen that meets the requirements of order, rigor, and essentiality.

An example of this is all parts of the kitchen that are quite neatly organized, so on one side, there is a sink and a dishwasher, while on the other there is a space for cooking and preparing food. Also, the oriental look of the door fits perfectly with the marble tile of the kitchen.

Finally, the most important thing in the kitchen is the kotatsu table. This room is connected to every other in the house, it is the main one because they prepare meals in the same, but also interacts with family and friends. In this way, Fabula reflects on its consumers and balances oriental design and atmosphere with the safety and warmth of a family home.

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