How to turn your small kitchen into heaven with the help of IKEA

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Big cities, almost in their definition, offer small apartments with even smaller kitchens…

If you’re faced with a tiny kitchen space, you definitely know what we’re talking about. But fear not, because not everything is lost. With a little imagination, some common sense, small appliances and a visit to your nearest IKEA department store, we can use every inch of space and appreciate them.

Less is more

In small spaces, the rule less is more is an absolute ruler. When choosing furniture, focus on pure and clean lines, which make everything seem wider and simpler.

Place your bets on white

White color makes the spaces seem larger and gives you an airy impression. If your kitchen is not really big, you can bet on white or light colored shades for walls, furniture and appliances.

Hood under the cabinet

In small kitchens, you must use every inch. An integrated hood underneath the cabinet is always a good idea.

Use the lateral sides of your furniture wisely

When a kitchen is small, it is necessary to put all pieces of your furniture to good use. Use its sides to install command hooks and rails, which will help you gain more storage areas.

Neat drawers

Drawers are always welcome in any given space, but their use is especially noticed in the kitchen. They gives us the option of storing pots and pans, keep all surfaces neat and available for work.

Benches instead of chairs

Benches take up a lot less space than conventional chairs. They also create more seating areas around the kitchen table. Accentuate them with throw pillows and you will have an amazing arrangement.

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