Stainless steel modern kitchen

Although the popularity of wooden kitchens has increased significantly in recent times, the beauty and importance of metal components should not be neglected.

Undoubtedly wood and marble look great in the design of any room, but if you want to have aesthetically beautiful and equally practical work surfaces in your kitchen, then you should still stick with stainless steel.

Decorating the kitchen with this material, whether it be kitchen cabinets or kitchen island, is definitely a great decision. First of all, stainless steel is not a little difficult to maintain, which is what is most important to you in the kitchen, because apart from food prep and dishwashing, you will hardly have the will and desire to devote yourself to cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

On the other hand, their visual impact is inevitable. For example, if you set up a stainless steel kitchen island in a small kitchen, it will look detective much more eroded than it really is, and you will get a very bright room.

You will not go wrong even if you equip the entire kitchen, from floor to ceiling, with stainless steel. A great example of this was provided by the Abimis studio with its Ego kitchen. In this kitchen special emphasis is placed on details and accessories, so the whole space has become a blend of comfortable, practical and aesthetic enjoyment.

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