Air hub by Faber - aspirator that cleans our home

Air purification in the house is becoming more and more important when we talk about choosing items for our home - that is why this aspirator has aroused special interest in us.

What makes Air Hub by Faber so special?

Not only is it a state-of-the-art aspirator, but a kitchen appliance that combines two in one. In addition to working as an aspirator in the kitchen, it safely and environmentally friendly purifies air.

There is a module for air disinfection in the T-shaped housing. Thanks to a small centrifugal fan designed by Faber engineers, the air is slowly transferred to the UV-C light produced by two special lamps. Prolonged contact of air with the light source enables the destruction of 99% of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemical substances.

Convenient and easy to use, the Air Hub is turned on with a simple push of a button, while two additional functions - intensive and night programs - allow you to increase the extraction intensity or reduce the sound to a minimum during the night hours.

The Air Hub is currently available in four models in 60 and 90 cm formats: two with a touch-sensitive glass control panel and A + energy label, and two with a stainless steel panel. All models are equipped with Intensive Speed ​​and Delay 30 functions.

We all love efficient kitchens and a fresh and clean home. This aspirator satisfies with flawless technology, surpassing the absorption of food odours and evaporation because in addition to providing the highest performance, it safely purifies and disinfects the air with UV-C rays, providing us with absolute health.

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