Dovico Firenze presents chic accessories for dogs

Elegant and sophisticated accessories created for our four-legged friends are now a part of their offering…

For over forty years, Dovico brand has been producing the highest quality leather goods form carefully selected materials. All of their pieces are strictly hand made in Florence, where history, culture, tradition and beauty have always been an inspiration for Florentine masters and artisans.

Refined leathers, along with exotic species, represent the result of an accurate and absolutely sustainable research, and when used for accessories and precious embellishments, they define an identity of a unique Dovico style, which is instantly recognizable.

Their latest collection consists of useful and stylish accessories, which are the best expression of a sincere passion and love directed towards the man’s best friend. Dovico’s Pet collection is meant for animals, but it also cultivates tremendous amount of attention to details and original forms intended for our four-legged friends.

This collection is a tribute to creativity of craftsmanship, in which nothing is left to chance – from the refinement of carefully selected leather in many shades, to hand finished details and stiches, which represent a synonym not only for exclusivity, but also sincere passion and love.

Accessories in this collection are designed from sophisticated and soft, smooth leather with a waterproof “silk” texture, while they’re finished off with sleek nickel free accessories with palladium treatments.

You can see the whole range in our gallery, while all Dovico goods can be purchased from their online shopping platform.

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