Welcome to Joben Bistro, an atypical pub of steam punk inspiration, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Embark yourself in a trip away from conservative design and discover the marvelous world of fiction. The implausible pub, mystically protected, takes you back in time. The universe of Jules Verne filled with fantasy and sci-fi stories pops-up. For the Romanian design studio, 6th Sense, Joben Bistro represents unquestionably one of the most thrilling and demanding projects. It’s avant-garde and edgy, it’s industrial and cozy in the same time and last, but not least, it’s different from everything you’ve seen so far!

The lights, the décor, the objects collected with care, the playfulness encompassing the space, the elegance of brass and copper, the installations and the abundance of details that draw attention, all these ingredients create the perfect “hideout” to hang out with your friends in an inspiring setting.

Joben Bistro is divided in three rooms, each with its particularities. Room no. 1 was envisioned as a vintage art gallery, with old pictures hanging on the wall. The second room, comprising also the bar, boasts concrete walls and plenty of quirky installations. Room no. 3 is filled with objects of all kinds. The feeling of intimacy is strongly enhanced through the contrast between the adjustable light and the dark-coloured walls. Hats-off! This is the place to be when in Cluj!

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