Mandarin Oriental Unveils New Resort on Italy's Sardinia Island

Mandarin Oriental has recently announced its intentions to inaugurate a novel retreat on the captivating Italian island of Sardinia.

This resort, situated amidst the heart of Costa Smeralda, is set to welcome visitors by the middle of 2026 and stands as the fourth establishment within the distinguished hotel group celebrated for its opulence and superior hospitality in Italy. The current blueprints for this project, dubbed Mandarin Oriental, Porto Cervo, encompass 83 accommodations and suites nestled harmoniously on an incline overlooking the serene Pevero Bay, accompanied by distinct amenities such as a private beach accessible via a 350-meter pedestrian pathway.

Mandarin Oriental, Porto Cervo, materializes through a collaboration with Gruppo Statuto, a prominent Italian real estate entity. The company had previously engaged with the Mandarin Oriental brand for their Milan establishment, which commenced operations in 2015. This time around, the partnership aspires to offer an "unrivaled hotel experience," in accordance with their official statement. The exterior of the hotel, showcased in a fresh rendering, distinguishes itself with its skillful use of stonework, thoughtfully positioned amid lush landscaped surroundings and the nearby sea, complemented by seating pavilions adjacent to the pool. However, upon the establishment's debut, a myriad of options for exploration, leisure, and repose will be strewn across the premises.

The resort will encompass five distinctive restaurants and bars, proffering an array of culinary selections. Additionally, an indispensable spa center will be present, catering to the need for relaxation, and fitness aficionados will enjoy access to a gym facility. Enthusiasts of aquatic activities will have the privilege of engaging with expansive open-air and enclosed pools, while an exclusive beach club nestled on Porto Paglia Beach will provide an additional haven for tranquility.

Porto Cervo boasts a reputation for its luxury boutiques, art galleries, and dining venues, all of which present excellent avenues for exploration during one's stay. The marina at Porto Cervo also houses the iconic Yacht Club, renowned for orchestrating international regattas and affording visitors the chance to revel in a splendid array of tucked-away coves and secluded beaches.

"We are eagerly anticipating the introduction of Mandarin Oriental, Porto Cervo, to our esteemed guests, and expanding our collection of holiday havens within this region," states Francesco Cefalu, Chief Development Officer at the Mandarin Oriental hotel group. "The distinctive allure of Costa Smeralda, coupled with the expertise of Gruppo Statuto, holds the promise of crafting an exceptional resort."

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