Open air rooms: balconies are the new icon of Italian style

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These past few weeks, balconies, terraces and open areas of the home have proven to be versatile and invaluable. At HOMI in September there will be special focus on Outdoor living, useful for understanding the styles which have come to gravitate around such areas of the home.

Balconies, terraces and other outdoor home areas have become veritable protagonists over the last few weeks, recounting Italy to Italians, turning into a stage for anyone who chose to join in a chorus or show signs and expressions of solidarity and gratitude. They have also become a new area of the home: dusted off, reinvented and occupied well before summer.  The fact that people have been required to spend so much of their time at home during this period has meant that these areas have been turned into areas for relaxation, reading or rest, play corners for the kids, déhors for aperitifs or Sunday lunches, or even "town squares" and bars for meeting with other people (on other balconies) and interacting with them at a distance over a few drinks. 

This has given rise to new hybridisations and ideas: foldable furniture and chairs have appeared in outdoor areas, along with small electric grills to enjoy a spot of barbecued food without needing to leave the house, awnings to make the most of sunlight: an infinite array of opportunities expressed in just a handful of square metres. As ideas and proposals specifically conceived for outdoor areas are becoming increasingly interesting, the blending of indoor and outdoor areas continues to gain ground, ever enriched by innovative proposals. Chairs and coffee tables generally used to furnish the home have been invited out onto balconies, along with fabrics (curtains, table cloths, runners), conquering a new space which ideally and seamlessly blends with the style of the home.

HOMI, which from 19th to 22nd September 2020 will be at Fiera Milano with its Outdoor HOME&DEHORS edition, has been attentive to the dynamics of furnishing accessories for some time now, also useful for outdoor and open air areas of the home. This will be the perfect occasion for rediscovering and celebrating a taste for living, with the community of interior designers, architects, firms and creative style professionals .

HOMI will provide a wide range of products for a vast target of visitors, including retailers, large-scale retail and distribution, not to mention architects, interior&exterior designers, who will all find suggestions, inspiration and useful information on understanding trends of the industry at the event. The exhibition will provide multiple opportunities for training, discussion and updating for the home style industry, requiring continuous information on all the latest in terms of products, original expressions of creativity, distribution channels and emerging sales strategies of promising efficacy. Scheduled events include a cycle of conferences for a veritable state of the art on the mingling of outdoor and indoor areas, in partnership with the magazine Platform Architecture and Design and with the Order of Architects.

HOMI will be an opportunity for rediscovering styles and all the latest from the world of living, a capsule of surprising and select outdoor proposals. There will be space for Made in Italy creativity, with elegant forms of tradition and artisan proposals ranging from the classical to the more design oriented. Fabric and fragrance, the most kaleidoscopic and imaginative segments of the home industry, will also feature at the event, along with accessories which best interpret tastes and styles, capable of enriching living areas.

The sheer variety and richness of this edition will be completed by an innovative capsule dedicated to outdoor living, reflecting the increasingly far-reaching contamination between various kinds of home living, in a continuous osmosis between "inside and outside."

Balcony style has become an essential expression of the home and will continue in Italy even when we will be free to leave the house once more. Nor will this mark the end of a centuries-long Italian tradition of standing on balconies and singing to the world our true and inimitable Made in Italy style, which stands on the shoulders of our boundless fantasy.

HOMI Outdoor HOME&DEHORS will take place at Fiera Milano from 19th to 22nd September 2020

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