Sneak a peak into the renovated Philadelphia Art Museum

The first phase of a thorough renovation of the Philadelphia Art Museum is complete and it was realized by Frank Gehry buro.

Completely updated entrance space and hallway of the Philadelphia Art Museum continues the large scale renovation, with architect Frank Gehry in charge. The first projects were presented ten years ago, while in September, North entrance was opened, which was used at first, but then closed for almost 40 years. A new bar and souvenir shop have also been opened, while the entrance hall is completely modernized and renewed with magnificent arches. The museum itself is located in a neoclassical building, which was created by German architects in 1928. After that, it was renovated a couple of times, including the grand scale changes done during the eighties. Frank Gehry project includes the return of some of the original elements and addition of the existing space to new, functional areas, which fulfill the needs of a 21st century visitor.

A large amount of restoration work has also been done, so now, we can see the walls and ceiling with their new shiny LED lights. The stone flooring was also refreshed, as well as Dorian columns and massive wooden door.

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