The new dimension od the house – HOMI

Beloved and unique – house we live in. Our house is the place we turn to at this stage in our shared history. HOMI design offers numerous suggestions and possibilities for decorating the same, as well as expressing your creativity. More than ever, our home is the center of the event and the center of our attention. As a place that offers protection and in response to the current global situation.

At the Homi exhibition in Milan designers invited everyone to stay at home and play with decoration of their home by remodeling objects and spaces in it, giving them new life.

Many people give importance to space they live in. With the refreshment of the living space, a family becomes happier in the house. Finding happines requires very little effort in this case.

As mentioned, with very little effort and disire, we can give a special note to every corner of the house and it will cheer up us in the long run.

Becouse of the whole situation when we spend most of our time at home, we suggest a few catches for you to change your home space. Doung it, you will be creative and will complete your day.


Every longer staying in any part of the house can awake the imagination. If it's a kitchen – we suggest focusing on little things like table cloths and decorations that will complete cloths change. You can decide on different color materials and fit them with lunch accessories or glasses. Also, changing the color of the kitchen wall makes new creativity – combine all the accessories of the table with the color of the wall. These new colors will make you stay longer in the kitchen.

If you are a romantic soul, you could focus on candles. For romantic event, you should choose small and soft candles, or if it is a terrace or garden, we suggest larger ones and in different colors. Lastly, the different fragrances that can be bought in beautiful decorative bowls will additionally enrich your space. After some research on using different fragrances, experts propose to stimulate a sense of smell to be in a better mood.


You can hear that not everyone is used to work from home, but as noted above, the situation has forced us to do so. For this reason, we give you some proposals on how to get that part od the day in the best mood, and most importantly – without stress. Also, to be more efficient and productive, it is best to find the most comfortable place it the house, for work. If you have the options don't let that your workplace is all about your computer. Add the little things that are already in the offices and will enable you better concentration: binders box file, shelves, pencile boxes, etc. Especially you should pay attention on choosing a comfortable chair and table.


It is very important to help our children get used to learning from home, as they currently have contact with their professors via the Internet only. We need to indentify the home space as much as we can with the classrooms to increase childrens productivity. In well set, noise-free rooms with adequate working resources our children will accept this learning from home without resistance and stress. Therefore, a table lamp, a bookshelf, and books should be available. For those who are seeking for more knowledge, we advise to find the books that have not been opened for a long time, and wipe the duse off them. Start gaining new knowledge. It won't hurt, be sure!


The period of isolation is also in force for artist who, you will agree, miss their live performances. For this reason, they are more active on social networks insted od TV appearances or live concerts. They are the ones who through sons, play and performance show us that the house is a king od stage.

Our suggestion for the astist in you is to add some home decrations to enhance the stage besides good natural lighting. Additionally, we advise that backgroud should be a wall during recording to achieve a clear sound.


Look at all this as something current and we will all be back very soon to the offices, school desks, parks, cafes, gyms... Until then, be creative and create new ideas at home – which will surely make you happier and more satisfied.

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