Vibrant stage of HOMI fair

Italian industry center, Milan, the heart of prestigious fashion and designer scene, hides its charms like a secret, while at the same time, it wins over its visitors with cosmopolitan spirit and hospitality.

Milan has so much to offer – from the most prestigious fairs, fashion shows, trendy restaurants, rich museums, opulent architecture to sophistically dressed locals.

That is why, year after year, we are looking forward to visiting the capital of Lombardy, from which we have recently returned, after visiting the 10th edition of HOMI Lifestyle fair.

With 1.100 exhibitors, out of which 31 % came from 36 different countries, this event is like a worldly incubator of trends and once more, it pointed us towards novelties in the area of lifestyle, accessories and decorative accents for our homes, promoting the latest innovative offers of companies, which included many small ones or startups.

For its tenth birthday, HOMI has orchestrated a dynamic, diverse scene, which like fashion influencers, has an effect on all of us, changing our opinions with new stylish ideas and unique esthetics.

Originality and creativity were in the focus of the exhibitors this time as well. Whether you were searching useful accessories and decorative objects, dishes, cutlery, fabric and textiles for your home, essences and scents for ambiance, as well as promotional articles, gift ideas and office decorating accents, HOMI offered an original interpretation of each and every one of them.

While walking through the giant exhibition space, we were thrilled with ingenious use of recycled and unusual materials, which floral textiles with embroidery made us think how exciting is to see all of that, before it gains it new life on the streets and in homes of European metropolis.

Functionality, modularity and authenticity are the words with which we can describe all the creations we saw during the 10th edition of HOMI fair, whether we are talking about decorative table setting in natural, earthy tones or bold nuances of tableware.

Areas with the most innovative creations have really influenced this edition of HOMI fair. From the HOMI CREAZIONI, which was the host to designer proposals and magnificent creations of Italian and international companies, selected because of their excellent technical and research capacities, to DA UNO A CENTO space, where exhibitors have presented their most interesting limited edition objects, which were characterized by unique and surprising forms and materials.

HOMI Hybrid Lounge, which was located within Materials Area, was realized by HOMI and, and it turned out to be one of the most visited areas by designers and creative minds alike. Aside from settings and new material samples which could be the main characteristic of designer projects in the future, this space also offered the possibility of discussion about the dematerialization trend, which is currently growing in interior design and personalization.

Mirabilis Vitrum – Vetri D’Italia is a new name for La Magnifica Forma, experimental HOMI laboratory dedicated to comparison of design, art and craft, which were, during this tenth edition dedicated to creations made of glass, tradition and deep historical roots. This installation presented a suggestive proposal about production in different regions and traditional works done on glass, including crystal, stained glass, borosilicate, smoked or printed glass.

Myriad of stylish ideas were presented within FASHION & JEWELS section, which was the host for 650 companies, leading domestic and foreign brands and designers from the world of jewelry and accessories

For the first time, HOMI was also the host for 7 ARTIST FOR 7 DAYS space, which was created in collaboration with myday-byday gallery from Rome, within which seven artist have performed, showing their pieces of jewelry, created using alternative approaches and diverse philosophies inspired by different traditions and cultures.

By walking through a labyrinth of trends, we have learned that, in accordance with what we saw at the fair, new home is a mosaic of different styles and colors, scented accents and multisensory backsplashes.

We are already eager for 11th edition of HOMI fair, which will take place from January 25th to January 28th. Make a note in your fashion and designer calendars with big red letters, because this is an event you must not miss. 

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