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YOKO, the latest addition to the Black Code Group (Orient-Extrême Montaigne and Kinugawa), with its terrace and views over the Rue de Courcelles, is the restaurant of the iconic design and homegoods store, La Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine in Paris.

The menu, a collaborative effort by the Korean chef, Young Kyu Park, along with Toyofumi Ozuru, head chef of the Black Code Group, is a scintillating culinary voyage to Asia.

Open every day from 10am, the restaurant proposes firstly continental style breakfasts. At lunchtime, the menu offers dishes created exclusively for the restaurant, a balanced mix of Asian and European influences: seared Tataki of tuna or salmon, served with citrus dressing; Hamachi Yuzu Shoyu, carpaccio of yellow tail tuna served with a yuzu sauce, green chili and coriander; Gyuniku Tataki, miso-marinated grilled black cod; Chili San Suzuki, steamed Chilean sea bass served with green chili sauce and Japanese mushrooms; and Tori No Guriru, farm-raised grilled chicken breast served with a sweet garlic chili sauce and bok choy salad.

The restaurant also boasts an elegant selection of desserts created by the renowned Parisian bakery, the Pâtisserie des Rêves. The traditional classics are re-invented, with offerings such as the Paris- Brest, transformed into the Kyoto-Brest. The restaurant’s culinary voyage extends to its fine epicerie, offering a line of unique products selected from Asian artisans and producers. Discover the restaurant’s own range of YOKO products, all made in an artisanal spirit, without colourings or preservatives. The entire selection of products is also used in the culinary creations on the menu of the YOKO restaurant.

The range of YOKO products are made in an artisanal fashion, without colourings or preservatives. The entire selection of products is also used in the culinary creations on the menu of the YOKO restaurant.

To achieve perfectly seasoned rice, or to add flavor to white or red meat, the teriyaki sauce compliments foods by adding subtle, layered notes. Used as a seasoning, a marinade, or for basting meats during cooking. Ideal for use as a salad dressing, the spicy lemon garlic sauce can also be paired with white fish, both grilled (after cooking) and sushi style, as well as with shellfish.

A selection of twenty bottled sauces, including green chili vinaigrette, ceviche sauce, and sesame sauce, are available in two sizes – 100 and 200ml – allowing gourmet lovers to take home the flavors of Japanese fine cuisine.

As an accompaniment to rice or grilled fish, add finesse and deep flavor with a touch of wasabi. The Wasabi Seaweed Chutney is versatile and compliments meat and fish, as well as vegetables. More original than traditional mayonnaise, the Spicy Mayonnaise can be perfectly partnered with salads, raw fish, and shellfish. The spicy mayonnaise can also be added to vinaigrette for extra flavor.

The Saikyo Miso Sauce serves as the marinade for the YOKO’s famous black cod dish, and can also enhance the taste of meat, fish, and vegetables with its sweet, delicate fragrance. Presented in simple yet elegant glass jars, these condiments are perfect for elevating the flavors of foods for a healthy and balanced diet.

YOKO also offers sweet Asian delicacies : soft nougat, candied ginger, and candied yuzu.


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