An evocative installation by designer Alessandro La Spada has been set up in the exhibition space presented by La Murrina at Euroluce 2015.

Some newly released creations have found their perfect setting in a rarefied atmosphere inspired by the City of the Doges: Venice as you have never seen it before pays a tribute to the craftsmanship of the new collections in Murano glass, stemming from some important artistic collaborations.

Gothic windows and typical oak mooring posts are called on to valorise the products on display, which make an imaginative return to their original place of origin to recall its uniqueness and splendour.

Sicily, designed by Roberto Serio, is the first new release of 2015: Sicily, cradle of heterogeneous cultures and land of contrasts, has inspired the entire proposal.

An impressive 36-light chandelier introduces the collection which also comprises table lamps, sconces and floor-standing fixtures. Designed to be flexible and easily adaptable to rooms of different heights, the chandelier is shaped like an upturned triangle: consisting of three sections of varying diameters, it may be taken apart to satisfy different requirements.

A characteristic feature is the use of velvet to cover the central element, which softens the forms modelled in glass. 

Alessandro La Spada has put his name to the original Python collection, made up of a series of tubular glass elements. Each pendant in ribbed blown glass, swollen in the middle and decorated with gilt sputtering, is inspired by the world’s most dangerous snake as it swallows its prey. A combination of modules in concentric circles creates an original chandelier that combines classic and contemporary tastes.

The same designer has just added a new element to the Jardin de Verre collection: a humming bird animates the floral composition encapsulated in a dome.  LED lighting and a new pearly white colour add further possibilities to this proposal.

The purest classic style characterizes the 12-light chandelier and the pendant fixture belonging to the Balloton collection, now being previewed for the first time.

Following its huge international success, Ballroom by Samuele Mazza, is being newly presented: this product is a fresh interpretation of ancient candelabra.

It will be possible to enjoy the dream-like experience of La Murrina’s Venetian  lagoon also in the Fuorisalone circuit. The installation of artistic glass sculptures, curated by Alessandro La Spada, offers a fascinating experience at the Boscolo Hotel throughout Design Week.




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