CoeLux: sky, sun, and well-being across three ranges of systems

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The benefits of natural light for men are numerous, from functional to psychological, physical and emotional.

Designing a space with hyper-realistic CoeLux technology involves reinterpreting the relationship between man and the place where he lives and allows people to experience natural light indoors.

CoeLux® is an Italian company that patents prototypes and high-tech production systems that can recreate the experience of the sky and sun in contemporary architecture.

The incredible technological combination of high-light LEDs, optical components and nanostructured materials extends into three systems ranges: CoeLukx HE, CoeLux LS, and CoeLux HT; they are characterized by size, method of installation and design.

CoeLukx HE

In the clear sky of the CoeLux HE system a bright sun appears, which makes the system particularly realistic and enhances the sense of depth. In meeting the walls and surfaces within the room, this light creates a place with defined contours and helps to restore the natural atmosphere. CoeLux HE (High-End) is available in three versions.

CoeLux LS

Looking at the window and walking beneath it, the sun with shaded outlines seems to accompany the viewer: the play of optics creates the illusion of gentle movement that gives the system a great dose of realism. CoeLux LS (Long Sky) is also available in three versions.

CoeLux HT

The latest CoeLux system was the first to feature a zenithal beam of light. The design is particularly versatile: a rectangular window only 25 cm thick, allowing for great freedom of installation even in small spaces.

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