Give your living room or bedroom a sense of individuality and exotic charm…

Created with a ingenious sensation of playfulness by Vainius Kubilius, these amazing and exquisite lamps will completely change your perception of abilities of lighting in a contemporary space.

Even turned off, these lamps will transform your home into a magical and dynamical place. Traditional lamps and arts on the wall can look nice, but these glorious lights have gathered the charms of both elements, while creating a dreamy and romantic ambiance.

Vainius Kubilius had made every lamp by hands, from a coconut, which is embossed with thousands of tiny holes. The size of these holes creates many styles and shapes from these distinctive artisan lamps. Made from leather or suede, these amazing lamps make light alive in a unique way. Adaptable and charismatic, Nymph lamps made it possible for you to play with the shadows.

“I wanted to learn how to design lighting which would not only provide light for people, but awaken their feelings. I would love for my lamps to be some kind of an aphrodisiac which will produce more passion in people’s lives. Passion is essential”, said the designer. 

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