This amazing chandelier which can make any room look stylish and luxurious was designed by Katerina Smolikova…

Usually, when you get inside someone’s home for the first time, the ceiling is one of the features you’re poised to perceive first. These amazing Skyphos chandeliers penned down by the Czech designer Kateřina Smolíková are hard to be unnoticed by any eyes. Inspired from deep see luminescent organisms, these elegant pieces are aimed to be used within darker rooms and areas, as orientational lights.

They can’t really match the intensity of a main lighting source, but they do provide extremely nice looks to any interior. They are poised to remind of the lightness of organisms swimming at huge depths, in the darkest of places. They used LED technology as lighting sources, one of the most energy efficient lighting technologies of today.

For designing the gorgeous Skyphos, Kateřina Smolíková has been presented with the Outstanding Student Design Award.


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