New collection Woody by IDL‏

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Natural and ecological materials are the key trend in the current design season...

In particular, the term ecological, when applied to design, recalls the natural substance per excellence: wood. This is the material most frequently used in the creation of many everyday objects. 

IDL has therefore designed and crafted items in natural wood, thus creating the very new "Woody" collection, which imparts warmth and well-being to all interiors and which suits the most diverse types of decorative styles. The light metallic mesh and LED lighting inside it provide a touch of modernism and originality to the natural essence of wood. The Woody collection, in solid oak, which is synonymous with strength and durability, has been meticulously worked, in order to guarantee over many years the quality of build which IDL gives to all its products. The two colour possibilities for this new collection are natural wood and white.   

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