Plusminus - a new age of lighting

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Vibia presents its spanking new collection - Plusminus, a lighting system that offers us the splendid opportunity to tailor the lighting in our homes, creating the perfect ambience in every nook and cranny…

Vibia, in cahoots with Stefan Diez, has gone and developed a rather special collection, mind you, one that features a fabric strip and various lighting elements to bring a jolly good dose of individual sensibility through modern technology.

The specially concocted fabric strip provides sturdy support and electrical conductivity; lights are affixed in a rather clever manner using a clamping and connecting system. With the nifty ability to tinker, attach, or remove different elements of the collection as needed, Plusminus bridges the gap between pendant, wall, and floor lights.

The separate elements of the lighting system are put together in a way that functionally elevates the space's characteristics, becoming quite the integral part of the architecture. Six different light sources give a proper character to the lighting when they’re fixed to the fabric strip. A series of mounting elements maintains the desired layout of the strip with the lights affixed, which in themselves serve as a rather fetching addition to the entire installation.

Through an intuitive bit of software and expertise available at, customers have the option to tinker about with pre-set configurations or concoct their very own bespoke lighting solutions.

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