Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Inside the Palace of Versailles

Next time you visit the Palace of Versailles, be on the lookout for this impressive permanent contemporary Swarovski chandelier envisioned by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

The Gabriel Chandelier measures 12 meters in hight and weighs half a tonne. Moreover, the installation is composed of 800 crystal modules, threaded around a stainless steel skeleton containing a led lighting system.

The impressive dimension of the Swarovski Crystal Chandelier makes for a perfect integration within the Palace of Versailles. Displaying a minimalist elegance, the piece adds a valuable visual contrast to the chamber and is particularly interesting to observe in detail.

The installation descending from the ceiling resembles a gold chain necklace; it is no wonder that the grand Palace of Versailles inspired Swarovski to create jewellery at a large scale.

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