The Pin Collection illuminates the hotels

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Designed for Vibiu by Ihiro Iwasaki, the Pin Collection is defined by striking geometric shapes.

The recumbent lines merge along a bold, circular base, creating silhouettes that resemble abstract symbols. This collection uses LED lighting.

Whether used individually or in combination, the Pin is likely to illuminate and decorate the interior. You can find this collection at all the top European hotels.

The renovated space at Garden Suite Ulivo contains many classic elements, such as thick walls and circular ceilings. The Pin collection adds the perfect dose of contemporary style to this place. The same is done by a pair of lamps above the bed or a matt black lamp in the living room.

Stockholm's hotel interior, Grow Hotel, is also complemented by the Pin Collection. The lamps mounted above the workbench, or on the wooden part of the blood, really make for a fascinating sight.

The same is true when it comes to Spanish hotels, which are also decorated with Pin lamps.

So wherever you go on vacation, you will have a wonderful pleasure thanks to the Pin Collection.

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