Amazing Office for Mail.Ru

NAYADA worked on creating the interiors for the new office of the IT-company, which is one of the largest players in RuNet.

The office occupies all 27 floors in one of the towers of the SkyLight Business Center. As the employees themselves call it, this is “27 floors of the Russian Internet”. NAYADA took part in the construction of 26 floors. The area of the new headquarters of Mail.Ru is 28,000 sq. m. This project was implemented in cooperation with the architectural firm UNK Project, and suppliers of materials, the companies AGC, Forester, ALPI, and Egger. 

The interior is specifically intended for employees of Mail.Ru. That is why great attention was paid to the comfort and flexibility of all working units, recreation and communication areas. At the entrance to the office, you can immediately see the famous logo of the company made of Lego mini-figures. Every employee, upon entering the new office, chose a mini-figure. There is a gym and a mini-football area, cinema, coffee station and juice bar, where everyone can drink fruit juice or just relax and have a rest.

All the space is built on the principle of maximum openness and functionality. Glass partitions and doors from NAYADA are used in the design of almost all the rooms.

NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions with a “web” pattern form the meeting rooms and offices zone. Veneered doorframes impart a finished appearance to the structure.

Another meeting rooms zone is designed with transparent partitions, without vertical posts, using the NAYADA-Twin with high degree of sound insulation.

NAYADA manufactured and installed a variety of doors for this project: fire resistant, glass fire resistant, swing, in aluminum frames, and in veneered frames. The heights of door leaves in high gloss color reach 3 meters on the VIP-floor. 

Laminated door leaves in telescopic frames, being in the same plane with the wall, were installed in the office. To control the ventilation system and the lighting, inserted panel boxes with doors were used for electric equipment and switches. 

The atriums were glazed with the use of impost-free fire resistant partitions NAYADA-Fireproof. The construction is duplicated with tempered glass, which provides additional sound insulation, fire resistance and safety in the atriums. These partitions not only double the fire safety, but also create a magnificent panoramic view.

For the first time, in the Mail.Ru project, NAYADA installed glazed partitions with the highest degree of fire resistance – EIW-90. This construction not only has an aesthetic appearance, but also allows blocking the spread of any fire for 90 minutes.

Self-supporting glass partitions with a stencil plate, creating a three-dimensional image, were used to zone the space of the coffee station.

The recreation area was designed with NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions.

NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions, finished with laminated panels, were installed in the conference hall that has a capacity of up to 500 people. Thanks to the Hufcor System, this room can be transformed according to the needs of the company, and several separate events can be held there simultaneously. One of the advantages of the installed structures is their sound insulation characteristics – the noise protection is 42 dB. 


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