Coca-Cola Offices in Moldova

The NAYADA Company has completed work on major renovations of the central office of Coca-Cola Imbuteliere Chisinau SRL in Moldova.

The world-famous brand Coca-Cola decided to do a major overhaul in its branch office in Chisinau – in just 4 months, the shortest possible time. Joint work with the architect Alexander Nechayniku resulted in the creation of a new interior with a wide range of solutions by NAYADA.

The project’s goal was to make a transition from the cabinet system to an up-to-date Open Space system, complete with the modernization of all areas of the office. This was meant to improve the organizational culture of the company, as well as the loyalty and comfort of its employees.

NAYADA has been collaborating with the Coca-Cola brand since 1994, when the first Coca-Cola plant appeared in Moscow. This project is remarkable by the fact that it allowed the client to re-use previously applied materials in the new interior.

The central entrance is decorated with NAYADA-Parapetto railings made of stainless steel, a mounted all-glass canopy, and a double-leaf aluminum entrance door with double-glazed panes.

The office interior is executed in the corporate style – bright red color accents of Coca Cola are designed to diversify the space. The walls are decorated with posters and photos of the brand.

The most extensive area of the office is the open space, where each person is open to collaboration. The furniture, supplied by NAYADA, optimizes the space, providing ease of operation and mobility. Bench desktops are equipped with dividing screens to match the overall color scheme of the finishing.

Meeting rooms, equipped with NAYADA-Standart partitions, are evenly distributed inside the office space. The HeadOffice zone has an especially advantageous look, thanks to the NAYADA-Crystal faceted partitions. It was quite a difficult technical task to arrange them in just this way.

The chief executive’s office is made in a strict and concise style. The minimalist interior is diversified by the bright colors of corporate souvenirs and Coca-Cola products. The only furniture present in the office is a stand and a Volare table on glass supports made by the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory.


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