Milan, Makio Hasuike & Co's Desk Presents a New Collection

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The ambiance and sophistication of a workspace speak volumes about the essence of its occupants. This is precisely what Milan, the executive office designed by Makio Hasuike & Co for Newform Ufficio, embodies.

As a modular furnishing system, Milan has already made its mark. The range of possible combinations centered around the executive desk, complemented by a contoured cabinet with sliding doors and an internal drawer, now showcases new finishes available in the catalog.

Joining the previously explored LPL Oak material are the LPL Leuca Walnut and MOKA OAK wood essences. The executive office presented by Milan not only reflects the character of the manufacturing company but also that of those who choose it as functional furniture. Through its Made in Italy craftsmanship, Newform Ufficio exemplifies the core values of a company—striking the right balance between professionalism, authority, and efficiency—traits that every employee desires in their leaders.

In its new finishes, Milan by Makio Hasuike & Co continues to redefine contemporary workplace experiences, creating spaces that are sleek, inviting, and functional.

With this new collection of furnishings, every movement flows effortlessly, as everything is in its rightful place. In the Milan project, documents and objects are perfectly organized with storage units and a wall system designed to support monitors during meetings or video presentations. Adding a touch of refined elegance is the pull-out clothes rack, perfect for quick wardrobe changes as needed.

The diligence and attention to detail expected from a manager find their counterpart in Milan's meticulousness. The perpendicular extension of the desk, serving as an additional countertop, is equipped with a vertical power dock and wireless charging capabilities, making daily routines more convenient. The optional features offered by Milan, enhancing multifunctionality, contribute to an improved quality of life both at home and in the workplace. It is a deliberate choice to design an executive office that doesn't overlook the human dimension but rather embraces and values it. People spend many consecutive hours in their workspaces each day, and creating a workspace that is "human-scale" aligns with Newform Ufficio's commitment to designing offices, both executive and operational, that make the entire company feel "at home."

Just like the city that inspires it, Milan by Makio Hasuike & Co infuses dynamism into the space, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of shared visions.

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