Office as the engine of the company

NAYADA designed the office of the Castrol Company, a leading British manufacturer of motor oils. The company is known for its strict corporate style; nevertheless, bright and expressive solutions were selected for the renovated Moscow office.

Architects of the Za bor Studios managed to implement the company’s slogan — «It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering». That idea of fluidity, a mobile liquid, which is oil, was taken as the basis for the development of the key elements of the office. However, the smoothness characteristic of liquid substances gave way to polyline dynamic objects.

This office, with an area of 2,025 square meters, occupies the tenth and eleventh floors in the Paveletskaya Plaza BC. It is an ‘open space’ with several meeting rooms and cafes, separated with the help of dynamic polygonal volumes. The sides are painted in the corporate colors of Castrol: green, red and white.

In order to implement the architects’ ideas for frameless glazing of the meeting rooms and coffee stations, NAYADA installed NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions without profiles.

Fire-resistant partitions and doors were installed in the entrance area. The logo at the front desk, designed by NAYADA, became the central decorative element.

Branded prints with racetracks in the meeting rooms emphasize the dynamism of the office. 


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