Stylish Small Home Offices

When we think of a traditional home office, we might think of a room in the corner of the house full of heavy wood furniture and book-filled shelves.

A lone desk lamp is likely perched atop a large desk, and a window is there almost as an after-thought.

Home offices can be (and, to the extent possible, should be) bright, cheerful, stylish, and functional all at once.

The thing is, home offices today come in every shape, size, and style. Some are separate rooms, some are in corners of other rooms, some home offices are are eked out of hallway space. Whatever the home situation you find yourself in, you can always find a way to create a home office space that’s both stylish and useful. After all, the most important thing about a home office is its ability to let you get your work done.

Not all homes have ideal home office setups, of course. A big part of fun (and challenge) is finding ways to incorporate a usable home office into the space you do have.

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