A completely new face of Salone del Mobile.Milano imbued with magical light

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The Salone del Mobile.Milano alphabet features new interpretations for the letters S and M, while Euroluce promises to create an enchanting space that opens up to let the light break in and shine in all its magic…

This new alphabet, reinvented by Leftloft studio and reinterpreted by Gio Pastori, consists of twenty-six brightly coloured posters, where each one represents a letter and an archetypal shaped piece of furniture, like the narrative of the Salone del Mobile.Milano and the objects around which the international design system has evolved. The alphabet of the Munari style, which consists of absolute forms, got its life thanks to the use of light and pure, intense shades, answering the question "Do you speak design?" in a unique way.

In this unusual alphabet, the letters M and S are naturally associated with the icons Mirror and Sofa. More precisely, that's how it was until now. On two completely new, lively and joyful posters, these monograms have received new attributes. In April, the letter M stands for the city that is most popular in the world of design lovers, Milan, while the S obviously stands for Salone, an Italian word that has become synonymous with design around the world. The accompanying visuals create a narrative of an incredibly colourful, happy city, conveying a sense of the joy of life based on travel, stimulation and inspiration, where iconic design objects find their place and change to create a new panorama that is full of energy, form, geometry and movement.

The poster for Euroluce, on the other hand, alludes to a simple but powerful visual reference to the new experience that awaits visitors and exhibitors at the exhibition. This biennial space will present itself as a completely new, magical envelope of light, which, after collecting all the light of the world, opens little by little to invite visitors to explore it, offering them not only the technical, design and commercial side, but also the emotional one. which is a crucial element in design and architecture. Reimagine Your Light Experience gives a clear indication of a completely new Euroluce experience, with inspiring and generative moments that make visits to those pavilions act as a multisensory journey in search of hitherto unseen and evocative spatial meanings.

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